Our Philosophy


Writerflint helps users clarify their thoughts on any topic. It lets them track their thought development, get and filter input from others, organise connected thoughts and discover relevant existing information.


Thoughts expressed clearly are powerful. They prompt change - in mindsets and actions. Accurate thoughts expressed clearly are extremely powerful. They prompt the correct change - in mindsets and actions. Writing has been used throughout history for thought dissemination, but more than that it is a potent tool for thought development. The development aspect and process are often masked - to the detriment of the reader and worse, the aspiring writer-thinker. The thought development process often involves repeatedly exploring, refining, reorganising, researching and incorporating feedback. These are currently disparate tasks and the burden of assimilating their outputs rests on the writer. We see them as inextricably intertwined and aim to make them seamless.

Information and knowledge are critical to being accurate. The internet and other technological and societal advances mean that we have far more of both available than has ever been at any time in history. Perhaps too much. But progress in Machine Learning offers hope in finding, filtering, ranking and connecting the information and knowledge available from multiple sources.


Writing your thoughts on a topic sparks responses. Responses from you to have more thoughts on that and related topics. Responses from others to add their thoughts and start their own thoughts on the topic. These responses taken together over time crystallizes your thoughts and leads to accurate and useful conclusions. Writerflint facilitates this process through various features and uses Machine Learning to help you get the information and knowledge you need by suggesting useful readings, filtering feedback and other uses under development.


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