Writerflint Philosophy


Writerflint smooths the process of going from idea to a mature piece of writing. It lets writers iterate writings easily, organise related writings and, get and input from others.


Writing has been used throughout history for knowledge dissemination. It has also been used as a potent tool for exploring, discovering, clarifying, and giving life to ideas. The exploration and discovery process are often hidden in the final product and as exhilerating as they are, can be tedious. The process involves repeatedly refining, reorganising, researching as well as incorporating feedback. These are currently disparate tasks and the burden of assimilating their outputs rests on the writer. We see these tasks as inextricably intertwined and aim to make them seamless.


Taking a piece of writing from idea to a mature piece of work is a uniquely effective way to explore, clarify and give life to ideas. This process, individually or collaboratively, iteratively builds up knowledge and understanding of a topic and drives accurate actions. As exhilerating and exciting as this is, the process can be daunting and tedious. It involves repeatedly refining, reorganising, researching and incorporating feedback.
Writerflint facilitates this process by providing a writing environment which provides:

  1. one-click iteration,
  2. connecting related writings, and
  3. sharing writings for editing and feedback.

We are aware that there is more to taking a writing project from idea to maturity than smoothing the actual writing process with the type of features currently provided. That is why we have near-term plans to harness Web3, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) and smart contracts to power a community to provide other necessary elements.
The community will consist of writers, readers, funders, editors, and researchers being part of each project in exchange for early access and shared ownership. Their purpose in working together is to give writing projects all the help they need to iterate from an idea to a matured, released work. This creates an environment of contractually-bound persons with an interest in making the project successful and the necessary skills and resources to make it so. Implemented properly this will allow crowdfunding writing projects from their nascent stages and throughout their lifetime and can be thought of as angel funding for writing projects.


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